2015 in Review

Happy last day of 2015! Or, if you’re reading this after today… happy new year! 😀

Tired but victorious after salvaging one last race in 2015

Tired but victorious after salvaging one last race in 2015

2015 certainly didn’t go as well as hoped. If you read any of my posts this year, you had about a 97% chance of reading my whinging about injuries… freak rib injuries, runner’s knee, stressed out metatarsals… yeah, it wasn’t a pretty year.

But I did learn some important lessons (the hard way), such as:

  • stretching is not only your friend, but it’s also very important for avoiding injury
  • if you get exercises to do for physical therapy, you should, you know, actually do them
  • cough carefully, lest you throw your rib cartilage all out of whack (I coughed my way to costochondritis back in March and my ribs still feel funny)

Learn from my mistakes, readers, and may your 2016 be injury-free and fabulous!

My 2015 in Numbers: (spoiler alert: it wasn’t stellar)

Races completed: 7 (5 actual, 2 virtual; down from 19 in 2014)

States raced in: 2, none new (Massachusetts and California; down from 6 in 2014)

MA towns raced in: 4, with 1 being a town I hadn’t raced in before (Cambridge, Woburn, Watertown, Worcester; down from 11 in 2014)

5K PR: 33:10 (still not as fast as my all-time PR of 30:49)

10K PR: n/a

Half marathon PR: n/a

Races missed: 9 (the Worcester Running Festival race was canceled, and then I DNSd a bunch; up from 3 in 2014)

My Goals for 2015:

I set the following goals in my 2014 in Review post last December. Surprisingly, I actually met one of the goals despite my crap year – huzzah!

1. Get my 5K PR under 30 minutes: Nope. My Moby Dick of 30:49 lives to haunt me another year.

2. Get my 10K PR under 01:10:00: Nope. I ran no 10Ks in 2015.

3. Beat my fastest Garmin mile (currently 9:25.5): Wait, what?! I actually beat this goal!!

Boo yeah

Boo yeah!

4. Add 3 more towns and 1 more state to my map: Nope. I did add one town (Watertown), and was on par to pass the 3-town mark, but had to DNS all the other races in new towns. No new states added, either.

Looking Ahead to 2016

I’m taking a page from the books of Fallon and Rae this year and not setting any formal goals. Goals are great, but… if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know how badly I struggle with motivation and how that makes me fall short of so many goals. It gets discouraging, and, maybe even worse, it makes me just stop caring about the goals in an effort to not feel discouraged. Basically, setting goals hasn’t been helping my motivation problem, so I need to figure out something else.

I still hope to beat my PRs and add towns and states to my race maps, but mostly I just want to be healthy in 2016. I want to be able to run to enjoy it, without getting injured every time I start loving running again after having been injured and discouraged. I want to run regularly with the Shammies, and I want to get back to track workouts. I want to have fun with my running, and be able to enjoy how awesome I feel after going for a run.

Having fun whilst running... it's a lovely feeling!

Having fun whilst running… it’s a lovely feeling!

I am registered for a half marathon in 2016 – the Worcester Running Festival Half – and I’d love to be able to train properly and go into it prepared and uninjured. We all know how well my training went for my first half marathon, but this time I want to actually try. We shall see.

Until then, Happy New Year!!

How was your 2015? If you set goals, how did you do?

Are you setting goals for 2016, or taking the year as it comes?

Any fun plans for New Year’s Eve?
Drew and I are planning on watching some movies while eating Chinese food. The excitement never stops around here! 😉


4 thoughts on “2015 in Review

  1. Injuries aside, you had a great year! The races you ran were solid and it sounds like you always have fun with your running group- which is awesome! I want to find a group but I am also nervous about running with others. What if I don’t fit in? 🙂 I am feeling pretty optimistic about this No Goal 2016. 🙂 My New Year’s was spent watching movies. I rarely ever do anything. I’m sucha home body!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I had the same worry before I joined my running club… everyone was so much faster than me (they still are… haha), and I can be socially awkward so I was definitely nervous when I joined. Runners are awesome though, and tend to be incredibly welcoming and encouraging! You should totally do it! 😉 Our New Year’s Eves sound very similar… I support being a home body! 🙂

  2. Hooray for no goals! It’s pretty liberating. I’m sorry you’ve been so plagued by injury this year, and I truly hope that you can train well and hard for your half marathon.

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