The End of Metatarsal Drama*

*I hope.

Happy weekend! I can tell you it’s definitely a happy one for me… it’s wonderful to have a few days without much to do, especially after a month that has included 2 round-trip flights to California and lots of plans. Plus, I had a presentation at work on Friday, so it’s extra lovely to spend a weekend without that hanging over me!

Running with this happy theme, guess what? I actually have good news to share about my dodgy metatarsal! Huzzah!

Scanning back through previous posts, it looks like where I left off with my foot-related whinging was at the end of November, when I thought I may have re-injured my silly stressed-out metatarsal. I started getting “ghost pains” – I’m not really sure how else to describe them – and contacted my ortho, who said to lay off impact for a week and then get back to him.

Well, I gave it well over a week of no impact (excepting the Turkey Trot… and the Christmas 2 Give 5K), but the pain would still crop up at random moments. So I saw my ortho for a reevaluation and another set of x-rays. The x-rays came back negative again, and then my ortho got all serious and admitted that there was a chance I had reinjured and might need to go in a boot. He said if that were the case, it was his fault for not putting me in a boot to begin with, but that there was also a chance it was nothing. Only an MRI would really tell. Cue the nail biting.

So I trotted (gently) off to an imaging center and got some pictures taken of my wonky foot:


Actual images of my wonky foot

And then I waited. Not for the pictures – they gave me those on a CD before I left the imaging center… isn’t technology crazy? – but for a follow-up with the ortho to get my diagnosis. Would everything be OK, or would I be in a boot?

Imagine my relief when I walked in the ortho’s office a few days later, only to be met with a giant grin. The grin foretold good news – no sign of cracking or any kind of stress fracture or stress reaction! No boot for me! Huzzah once again!!

Turns out, I’ve got myself a little case of bursitis, or swelling in the fluid sacs on either side of my previously injured metatarsal. It’s either my body still protecting the injured spot, or it’s my body’s reaction to my walking differently because of the injury. Basically, it should clear up with a short course of ibuprofen and some ice, and the ortho cleared me for all exercise.

huzzahFun note: I googled “bursitis” to make sure I was spelling it correctly, and was met with a picture that made me giggle:

bursitisIt probably shouldn’t have, but there you go. My giddiness at being free from stress injuries makes me laugh at stock images of cartoony people suffering from knee bursitis, apparently.

So, to sum up: Yay!! This is fantastic news, especially since my work’s GetFit program is about to start up again. 2016 is off to a great start… first a PR, then ridding my foot of its stressy shackles! Let’s hope this is an upward trend!

Are you doing fun things this weekend, or are you reveling in relaxation like I am?

Ever had bursitis? Am I right to be celebrating, or have I entered an entirely different temple of doom?


8 thoughts on “The End of Metatarsal Drama*

  1. So glad it’s not something worse and great job with the spelling. It’s a weird word! That photo made me giggle and feel old! Lol! One run this weekend and today rest and catching up on work. Have a great one!

    • Haha, thanks! It’s definitely a weird word… here all these years I thought a bursar was the person at a college who takes everyone’s money πŸ˜‰ I hope your weekend of catching up on work wasn’t too painful and that you had a chance to relax too!

  2. Ok, that picture is kind of hilarious! I am so glad your foot is better! That is great news and a great way to start the year. The weekend felt pretty buy to me, I am glad that I had today off. Today was pretty nice. Have a great week!

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