GetFit 2016

It’s that time of year again – the time when I emerge blinking from post-holidays haze and realize I need to get my bum back into some sort of routine. Thankfully, my work sponsors a fitness challenge every year that has been just the antidote I need (well, in theory anyway).

In just over a week, GetFit 2016 will kick off and I will be once again ensconced into a structure that is perfect for easing me back into some semblance of training. The challenge lasts 12 weeks, and participants are given weekly goals of exercise minutes, which increase every week; Week 1 has a goal of 150 minutes, Week 2 has 165, and Week 12 caps off at an intimidating 300. If you meet the minutes goal for a given week, you’re entered into a drawing for prizes, and there are other great perks like discounted gym memberships and free classes. (Exercise is basically defined as anything that gets your heart rate up.)

Another perk? Significantly discounted entry into a local race! This pic is of my running class-mates and me last year.

Another perk? Significantly discounted entry into a local race! This pic is of my running class-mates and me last year.

I was reflecting on my past GetFits and realized that I don’t think I’ve ever hit the end 300-minute goal. I always start off so promising, but then either get bored or derailed by injury (like last year) or distracted by homework or [insert excuse here]. I’ve certainly hit 300 minutes, but it’s usually at the beginning of the challenge when I’m raring to go (or, in last year’s case, shoveling our driveway multiple times after a blizzard). The end is the hardest part.

Like I’ve written in this blog way too many times before, I tend to have questionable motivation. I’ve tried several tactics, but have succumbed to laziness/excuses/injury enough times that it’s pretty pathetic. So what am I cooking up now? Why, a double-whammy GetFit/Training Plan extraordinaire!

Unlike last year, this year I have no running class to keep me accountable (it was going SO well for me last year before I caught the flu and then destroyed my ribs), BUT I still have my training plan from last year’s class, as well as a hilly and potentially hot half marathon looming on the horizon that I should probably train for. The fabulous thing about the training plan is that it starts off nice and gently (the class was called Couch to 5 Miler and was aimed at beginner runners), which is perfect for me as I return, yet again, from injury. Though the training plan only goes up to 5 miles/10K, I’m going to borrow here and there from various half marathon plans I’ve come across to make something up of my own that continues the general trend.

Note: I am not planning to use this half marathon training plan again.

Note: I am not planning to use this half marathon training plan again.

I’ve already gotten a team together for GetFit (it’s a team-oriented challenge, with an eye to keeping each other accountable) and took part in the kickoff event festivities (more on that another day), and am practically chomping at the bit for this thing to start. I’m already hustling up extra flights of stairs at work to get to the bathroom and walking the long way ’round to get places, so am clearly already in the GetFit mindset. I may even experiment with blogging about my challenge this year, in another bid to keep myself accountable 😉 Stay posted!

Do you have a hard time getting back in the swing of things after the holidays? How do you get yourself going again?


14 thoughts on “GetFit 2016

  1. I had a hard time because I was sick with a head cold. That’s gone but it just seems to be slow going, maybe because I don’t have a race to train for 🙂 However, I am enjoying doing other activities like skiing and snowshoeing.
    Good luck with your GetFit program at work!

    • Thanks! Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Sometimes it’s refreshing to have other fun activities as a change of pace… skiing and snowshoeing sound cool! I’ve never done either.

  2. This is awesome! I love challenges like this – they make it so easy for me to get to the gym instead of just heading home to lay on the couch! It sounds tough but I bet you can do those 300 minutes no problem! Good luck!

    • Definitely! With the team aspect even more so, because I don’t want to let down my teammates (all coworkers) and then hear about it 😉 Thanks!

    • Hahaha… I hear you! I think I definitely rebelled against 300 minutes a few times, especially the first few years I did it. I kind of got sick of it a bit. Hopefully the added goal of training properly for a half will help tame that rebelliousness! 😉

  3. This sounds fun, maybe l’ll play along at home if you share the weekly minute goals. Of course I’ll have to come up with my own prizes for motivation, because I mean…who wants to do a challenge without prizes? I think this is what’s missing from most athletic/health challenges.

  4. I feel like February is *the worst* … the weather continues to be crap (our *average* temp last Feb as 12 … with average daily winds of 10mph – so basically ALL last February the ‘real feel’ was sub-zero), and we’re done with it and it just sucks to get out of bed … let alone do it before 4AM … let alone to then kick my butt outside to run for ~75 minutes and hope I don’t die.

    So yeah, totally get it. Personally during the holidays I just keep plugging along, pick and choose my ‘battles’ by eating what I want but only ‘losing’ one meal at a time and never starving myself. It is a challenge.

    But I think the worst thing for you has to be staying healthy! You’ve definitely struggled there – and I have to say I am very VERY fortunate to have never had a running injury, have a body that is pretty resilient to illness, and just not gotten laid out for more than 2 days the last few years. That is *huge*.

    Good luck!

    • I agree – February is pretty terrible! It’s at the point in the winter when there’s not much to look forward to and spring still feels like months away.

      Thanks for the luck! I have to admit I’m jealous of your lack of running injuries and your body’s ability to kick illness to the curb! 🙂 I have tiny, angry sinuses that wreak havoc far too often, but I’m learning new methods of attack that will hopefully keep me from being down for the count quite as often.

  5. Oh man, the holidays kick my ass every year. Thankfully I have marathon training and Coach Suz to knock me back into a routine, otherwise I don’t know where I’d be. Good luck this year!

    • Dude, for real. Nothing like a looming marathon and a coach to provide some motivation! 😉 And thanks – if years past are any trend, I’ll need the luck!

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