Rando Friday

Happy Friday!! Are you doing a happy dance in anticipation of the weekend? I certainly am! All the happy-dancing knocked a few random thoughts loose, so I figured I’d share. After all, my post count for 2016 is pretty pathetic so far! So without further ado:

I got some new kicks!

shoesI’ve been wearing my current shoes (Saucony Guide 7s) since my first 10K two Augusts ago, which is longer than they might have lasted, since I spent most of 2015 being injured and didn’t put a lot of miles on them. I bought a backup pair on clearance when the model was discontinued, but I took that pair on my grand European adventure last summer, and they were what I was wearing when my metatarsal went wonky. So I’m a little wary of them.

Around this time last year, I bought a pair of Adidas running shoes that I absolutely loved. I ran my fastest 5-miler in them and everything was peachy, and then the next time I wore them I got the runner’s knee. Was it because of the shoes, or was it because of my lack of stretching and generally taking care of myself? Almost certainly the latter, but I haven’t run in the Adidas since (they’ve become my Yeti shoes).

Plus, all that wariness enabled me to splurge on this beautiful pair of flashy blue Guide 8s, which were on clearance because the Guide 9s are now out. I do have a thing for flashy running kicks, since my rampant overpronation means I’m traditionally stuck in white stability shoes instead of the fun neons of the neutrals. This sad shoe history made it extra hard to pass up new shoes in a fun color. I mean, just look at these lovely blues! I can’t wait to christen them.

Running club field trip?

Two years ago, Colin and I ran a frigid 5K around Lake Whalom called Shamrocks on the Rocks. I rocked my shiny new Shammies singlet and quite enjoyed being a Shamrock at a non-Shammies shamrock race (say that 5 times fast):

Pre-race power pose by Lake Whalom

Pre-race power pose by Lake Whalom

Although I’m trying not to pre-register for races way in advance this year, I may have been casually browsing Cool Running the other day and spotted the upcoming Shamrocks on the Rocks. I sent the link to my fellow Sunday Morning Shammies (SMSs), and jokingly said how awesome it would be if a bunch of us showed up in Shamrock gear, and now it’s actually building steam. A few run clubbers have already registered and are talking about carpools.

Now that I’ve created this monster, do I have to jump on the bandwagon (that I’m already driving…?) and register too? Or do I stick with my original plans and hold off, possibly missing out on a spot in the run club carpool? Hmm.

I’m not volunteering at the Marathon expo

photo(10)And I’m kind of relieved about that! I did it last year (been there, done that, got the free volunteer jacket, next!) and while it was a cool experience, the whole thing left me feeling a little funny. (You can read my epic recap here).

At first I felt guilty not signing up, and decided that if the Shammies were desperate for warm bodies I’d go and give it another shot. But then I heard from our BAA liaison that we actually had more people volunteer than there are spots, so now I’m glad I didn’t unenthusiastically take someone else’s place! Hopefully people won’t end up curmudgeons like I did.


What are your plans for the weekend? Anyone racing?

Ever been illogically wary of a pair of shoes after getting injured in them?
Or is that just me?


10 thoughts on “Rando Friday

  1. Happy Friday! I’ve never been worried that my shoes are causing my issues, although maybe I should be, considering that I’ve been wearing the same brand and model most of my running career, and have had some issues with my feet… No races this weekend, but a long run of 8 miles is looming for tomorrow. I’m trying not to psyche myself out too much.

    • I hope your long run went well! I’m actually really looking forward to getting back to long runs and things… Heh, we’ll see how I feel when I’m actually there… I’ll be psyching myself up too! 🙂

  2. Yay for new shoes! I am obsessed with super bright and obnoxious ones (just read my Zion Half Marathon recap and check those bad boys out – my doctor at the time actually made fun of me for buying them!). I hear you on the stability shoes thing. Have you ever tried ASICS Kayanos? The colors are always ridiculous!

    • Ha! I love the shoes in your Zion recap – totally fab! I’ve never tried Kayanos. The shoe-fitting people at the running shop have never given it as an option, but maybe one of these days!

  3. I bought a pair of Pure Cadence back in November and returned them in December. Every run made my knees ache in odd ways. Now I just need to say goodbye to my last pair of Wave Rider’s- they bother my knees and shins but they only have 100 miles on them and I can’t bring myself to say goodbye. But I also can’t wear them. I ride my bike barefoot otherwise that could be one way to use them. Just work and a shorter run for me this weekend- have a great weekend!

    • It’s so hard to say goodbye to favorites, isn’t it? Riding a bike barefoot sounds so badass. I’d be scared I’d mangle my toes in the pedals! Plus I use the bike at the gym and I think they’d frown on barefoot biking there 😉 Hope you had a good weekend!

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