GetFit is Go!

startIt’s February 1st (somehow?!), so that means I’m off on my joint adventure – my GetFit 12-week fitness challenge, and my back-to-running training plan. A woo hoo!

(I am a little bummed out that GetFit didn’t start last week. Due to some lovely severe transit delays early in the week, I decided to get creative with my morning commute, in hopes that I could find a route that would take less than 2 hours. The way I tried involved a 2-mile walk – a lovely, nostalgic jaunt that used to be my commute when I lived in the city. However, in my halcyon days I’d only walk it in nice weather, whereas this week was a bit more brisk and windy than ideal:

What a day to forget a headband.

What a day to forget a headband.

… Anyway. We’ll just say that last week was Week 0 and a nice tune-up for real Get-Fit!)

Here’s what Week 1 will look like:

GetFit goal: 150 minutes

Training plan:
Mon: cross-train
Tue: cross-train
Wed: run 20-25 minutes
Thu: cross-train
Fri: run 20-25 minutes
Sat: rest
Sun: run 2 miles

I may tweak the training plan a bit… I’m thinking of substituting speed work for one of the cross-trainings, but we’ll see. Otherwise, I’m loving how gently it’s starting me off; all my wonky and/or misbehaving body parts will hopefully keep themselves in line if I ease them into it!

How was your weekend?

How do you work around commutes from hell?


5 thoughts on “GetFit is Go!

  1. Looks like a good easing-in plan. Thankfully I haven’t had a hellish commute since we moved into town from the boonies. That used to be a little crazy on snowy or icy days. Now, I walk less than half a mile. Sa-weet!

  2. My commute this morning was blocked by a wall of dirt and rock. Thanks El Nino. But, I was only a few minutes late. I have to say I am impressed at how quickly they move when the mountain decides it needs to lose a few (thousand) pounds. 🙂 Good luck with your first week!

    • Yikes! That’s definitely not something I’ve ever experienced on my commute 🙂 Glad it can be taken care of quickly!

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