GetFit Week 3

Well… after the glory that was last week for me, we all knew the chances were slim to none that I’d have a repeat week of awesomeness, right? Week 3 wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t start out too great. I did manage to rally and rescue it by the end, but it certainly wasn’t where I was hoping last week’s momentum would take me.

GetFit goal: 180 minutes
Minutes exercised: 235


stepsweek3Monday was a day off, hence my pathetic showing (I really get around when I’m at work… it helps that I have a walk to and from the subway, and that my office is on a mezzanine only accessible by stairs!) The work week looks solid, but my weekend, again, not great. Well, Sunday looks decent, despite my not having met the steps goal Simon gave me. And I didn’t wear the thing on Saturday; I wasn’t *completely* sedentary!

Training Plan:

Monday (scheduled): cross-train
Monday (actual): cross-train

I had the day off from work, which has the tendency to mean that I don’t do a lot of physical activity. However, still riding the momentum from the previous week, I made my lazy butt do somethingstrengthening exercises for my knees, some planks, and a very sad attempt at push-ups. But hey, it was something!

Also, unrelated to my training plan or GetFit, I went to a CPR/AED class that was offered through the Shammies. The last time I took a CPR class (about 15(!) years ago, when I was a day camp counselor), mouth-to-mouth was still a thing, and it was awful because I could never get the dummy’s chest to rise sufficiently. Thank you, AHA, for making CPR hands-only! This class was much less awkward, and it feels good to have finally refreshed what I learned all those years ago.

Tuesday (scheduled): cross-train/speedwork
Tuesday (actual): rest

You know, I don’t really know why I opted for a random rest day on Tuesday. I know I had to work late, and I remember craving crab rangoon like nobody’s business on the ride home from work… apparently those two things together meant no cross-training for me? (There was no speed workout because the indoor track was closed for school vacation.) Looking back, I’m disappointed in myself.

However, I did manage to accomplish something on Tuesday… potentially injuring myself! Yay!

Not really sure what I did… I know I was intending to pick something up off the floor, and I took a step toward it and my left knee (my good leg!! the traitor!!) suddenly went all Snap-Crackle-Pop on me. It was a sound I’d never heard coming from either knee before, and then – whether it was my paranoid runner’s brain or real life, I’m not sure – it started to hurt a little, just under the kneecap. I iced it and went to bed with my fingers crossed.

Wednesday (scheduled): run 30-35 minutes
Wednesday (actual): rest

I brought an ice pack to work with me just in case, but my knee didn’t bother me much at all. To be safe, I opted for another rest day.

Thursday (scheduled): cross-train
Thursday (actual): cross-train

Another day of minimal-if-anything pain in my knee, and I felt ready to test it out gently. Drew and I hit the gym after work and I rode 6.5 flat(ish) miles on the Expresso Bike. I even managed to not get all competitive and go fast… just fast enough to make it feel like I was accomplishing some light cardio. The knee felt fine afterward. Maybe it was nothing after all?

Friday(scheduled): run 30-35 minutes (originally); run 25-30 minutes
Friday (actual): run 30 minutes

In an attempt to play it safe knee-wise, I reverted the rest of my training plan week back to Week 2 – basically shorter runs for Friday and Sunday. I have some wiggle room in the plan in terms of time – I’ll likely finish the plan way before my half marathon, so I’m improvising in places – so I figured repeating Week 2 wouldn’t hurt… especially since my 3-mile run in Real Week 2 was split by an emergency loo break at the gym, and I wanted to attempt running 3 miles without a break.

I intended to run my 25-30 minutes outside on Friday, thinking maybe a break from the treadmill would be good for my knee, but I got home later than planned and didn’t want to risk running in the dark when I still haven’t invested in an easy-to-carry-flashlight or headlamp. The last thing I needed was to step in a pothole and destroy another part of my body! So back to the gym treadmill it was. I felt good at 25 so carried on for 30, and felt fantastic afterward.

Saturday (scheduled): rest
Saturday (actual): rest

Ahh, legit rest day. How lovely. I visited my BFF and had a fab day full of laughter and tasty treats and her adorable wee one.

Upon returning home, however, Left Knee was not happy. Maybe it was the fact that I had it bent for the majority of the 2.5 hours I was in the car, and that my body was coiled tight because the drive was a little stressful? Who knows. I plopped an ice pack on that puppy and once again crossed my fingers.

My Saturday night. You know you're jealous.

My Saturday night. You know you’re jealous.

Sunday (scheduled): run 4 miles (originally); run 3 miles
Sunday (actual): run 3 miles

The SMSs were planning 8-10 miles, to which I said: “Oh helllll no.” I decided I’d still meet them at Shammies HQ, since that would be motivation to get me out of bed and actually out there to run, but then I’d go off on my own for 3 gentle miles. Luckily N was there, and she also wanted to do 3, so I had a buddy.

This was my first outdoor run in almost 3 weeks. While I tend to grumble about how hard the treadmill feels because of speed issues, I failed to factor in that I’ve been running at 0 incline each time. And real life has hills. When you’re used to 0 incline, even tiny hills feel hard. So that was a bit of a rude awakening.

The run ended up being a little slower than I wanted; N was recovering from sinus issues as well as an injury, so she wanted to take it slow, and I didn’t want to be a jerk and run off without her. However, once I got over myself and thought about it, I realized it was just what I needed. Knowing me, I would have set off at an unsustainable pace in order to keep up with the speedy Shammies before veering off on my own, and very likely may have tweaked one or both of my knees. Slow and steady today meant that I ran the full 3 miles without stopping, and I still felt strong at the end, and like I could keep going for at least another mile.

Plus, taking it easy meant I could snap some mid-run pictures of the lovely near-spring day we were having – 46* (felt like upper 30s with the wind) and sunny:

Look how little snow is left!!

Look how little snow is left!!

IMG_6095IMG_6096FullSizeRenderMy knees both gave me grief at various points on the run… mostly righty, the one I went to PT for last year. I’ve misplaced one of my patella straps, and had put the one I could find on lefty after she was throwing a temper tantrum yesterday, but righty seemed to want one too. My damn knees are so needy and uncooperative. Boo.

IMG_6103Cups of tea and cozy blankets make the double ice packs slightly less terrible.


So then. If all my wonky body parts behave this week, here’s what Week 4 will look like (hint: it’s what Week 3 was supposed to look like):

GetFit goal: 195 minutes

Mon: cross-train
run 30-35 minutes
run 30-35 minutes
run 4 miles

Have you ever taken a CPR class?

How’s the weather where you are? Were you able to get outside for a run this week?


10 thoughts on “GetFit Week 3

  1. Hope your dodgy knees behave for you!

    It was SO nice out here this weekend – both days were warm enough that I started with hat & gloves and a single layer (it was below freezing to start) but Saturday was almost 50 by the end and Sunday was about 40! Crazy!

    • Thank you, me too! Glad you were able to enjoy the unseasonably gorgeous weather! Here’s hoping it stays nice through spring 🙂

  2. Bummer about your knees but hopefully the ice packs helped! I’ve never taken a CPR class which is kind of sad considering I’m the one in charge in emergency situations! Great photos and nice work last week with all the challenges!

    • Thanks! 🙂 The ice packs did help, and hopefully the knees will behave themselves this week! Though knowing CPR is awesome, I’m always worried that if the time comes for needing to use it, I’ll freeze up and panic and it will end up not being useful at all. This is why I’m not in charge of emergency situations! 😉

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