Last month was the first time I’d ever seriously kept track of my miles and tried to stick to a legit training plan, so I figured now is as good a time as any to reflect on how it went. (A few days after the month changed is better than never, right?)

And, because I’ve always liked seeing the fancy graphics on other blogs, I thought I’d give it a go… but clearly my photoshop (read: MS Paint) skills leave a bit to be desired:


Probably the nicest picture from any of my runs in February, ruined by my silly text. And I will be haunted by that darn tenth of a mile! Nice, even numbers are so… nice… and that’s not one. Oh well.

So, February. Right. If you’ve been reading my weekly wrap ups, you’ll know that the month started pretty decently, and then devolved with niggles and dodgy knees aplenty. I had such grand plans… sticking to my plan, building a good base, and then running a 5k with my run club mid-March in which my performance would blow minds due to my awesome training. That is even more unlikely than before now that I have potential knee issues again, but hope springs eternal, eh?

As I write this, I’m seated in the waiting room of the gait retraining clinic I visited last year. I had to stop my retraining plan due to my freak rib injury, but after spending 2015 going crazy with injury after injury, I decided it was time for a reevaluation and another go.

So, this post isn’t so much a run-down of how my February went, as a “well, it went okay, I ran an obnoxiously not-even amount of miles, and I’m looking toward March with hope” post. I’m sure I’ll post about how this gait evaluation will go (hopefully it won’t be as scattered as this one – too many distractions!!) and hopefully this time around a) I’ll be able to see the program through, and b) it will result in a less injury-prone me. I’m accepting any crossed fingers you may have to offer!

Did your February go more or less how you wanted it to?

What are you looking forward to about March?


10 thoughts on “February

  1. Your picture looks good! And 33 is good with dodgy knees. I hope the gait retraining appointment went well. It sounds hard. Have you read The Running Revolution? I got it for Christmas and it has some great info in it about running form. One day I will get to the track so I can try some of the tips and exercises.

    • Ha, thanks 🙂 I’m pretty proud of the 33 miles, actually! Like you said, it’s decent with dodgy knees. I have not read The Running Revolution, but it’s now on my to-read list. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I look forward to reading a summary post where you apologize for everything being so boring and you just were running all months, blah, blah blah 🙂 Seriously – I hope that gait retraining helps with your knees and other issues and you can just be healthy! 🙂

    And it is also funny that I saw 33.1 and was thinking 33 1/3 like the record album turntable speed … it would be cool to say that it is because I am a hipster into vinyl, but we all know the reality is that it is because I am old enough to have bought hundreds of albums when that was your only choice 🙂

    • Haha… I look forward to writing that summary post someday! 😉 I’m hoping the retraining helps this time too.

      And I think the fact that you thought about records is way cooler because you lived it, rather than your being a hipster 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you’re going back to the clinic! With how often you’ve gotten injured, it seems like a good time to bring in the experts. I hope it does great things for you!

  4. My February went well; I actually got some (read: approximately 4) miles in! Which is more than January and December combined (read: 0).
    Next week in March starts my training regimen for my next race: a half marathon! I’m so pumped to start putting in some consistent miles again :0)
    So yes! Let’s MARCH forward!

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