An Apologetic Travel Post

Oh hello there. I’m guilty (once again) of neglecting my blog, and I apologize (once again) for the radio silence! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a recent collage of travel photos… I offer you more now as an apology and a distraction from my pathetic-of-late running life.

Not much exciting – or anything at all, actually – has been going on with me running-wise for nearly a month, and this past week was spent doing a lot of catch-up and a lot of sleeping after I spent the previous week in the UK for a conference and a bit of collateral sightseeing with Drew, who was able to tag along.

The conference was in Dundee, Scotland, a city I had never visited before. And while the conference was fantastic and engaging and gave me a lot to think about as well as a rekindled enthusiasm for my chosen career, I was disappointed that we had scheduled our trip in such a way that didn’t leave a lot of time for exploring the city. We did a bit of wandering in the mornings to find coffee and Greggs:


And I nipped out at lunch one of the days to get pies from Clark’s, a Dundee bakery, after being scolded by fellow conference delegates for my puzzling Greggs love:


We squeezed our two days in Dundee between one day each in Edinburgh and Glasgow, doing touristy things like gawking at Edinburgh Castle:


And eating haggis with neeps and tatties:


And enjoying the Duke of Wellington’s jaunty traffic cone hat:


And checking out the sweet view from the top of the Glasgow Necropolis:


We saw some nice views from the train as we trundled around Scotland, like this picturesque glimpse of Perth:


After a too-short whirlwind of Scotland, we flew down to London for a few days. When I found out I was being sent to the conference in Dundee, Drew checked the schedule for the soccer/football team we support, and as luck would have it, they had a home match for the following weekend. As even more luck would have it, we somehow managed to get tickets to the match, so on Sunday we found ourselves at White Hart Lane in Tottenham:


…where we watched our club beat Manchester United at home for the first time since 2001. That was pretty cool.


We also took a day trip to Oxford, and visited my favorite library, the one that made me decide to become a librarian all those years ago:


We did some touristy things, like poke our noses into the quads of some colleges and eat lunch in the Covered Market:


We also did something a bit out of the ordinary – we visited C.S. Lewis’s house, The Kilns, and had tea in his study:


A friend of mine is living there right now, and kindly had us over for tea, a little tour, and some Turkish Delight. It was a bit surreal, and very cool.

And so, a flight home and a few days of jet lag later and here I am. When I last left you, I had homework from my running clinic – breathing exercises and band walks – as well as an interval plan to get me running again. Have I done any of that? Of course not. (Raise your hand if you’re surprised!)

After my last post, I spent the days leading up to this trip running around like crazy to get things sorted at work and ready for travel, and I’ve been so tired on this flip side that I’ve been severely unmotivated, even more so than usual. And, after all the pies I ate, that is very unfortunate, as I could use some exercise right about now! (Thankfully we walked many, many miles during the trip, so my GetFit numbers didn’t plummet pathetically.)

Tomorrow, however, is a new day. It is also the day before the Boston Marathon. And so, in the spirit of the race and the atmosphere that settles onto the city on this weekend every year, I’m going to makes my glorious return to running then. I’m guessing it won’t be pretty, but it will happen. I’m sure I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

How have you been these last few weeks?

Ever been to Scotland?

Will you follow the Marathon at all on Monday?


6 thoughts on “An Apologetic Travel Post

  1. Love the pics – and definitely wanted more from the little collage on Instagram! Glad you guys had a good trip – seems like you stuffed a lot in there, but there is always more to do and never enough time … and always at least a couple of good “we should have done Y rather than X” items. Oh well, right?

    Also good for professional re-energizing. Totally needed for all of us, and probably more frequently than it happens – we end up just slogging day to day and suddenly realize we need to do something about that, often too late.

    Hope the run goes well today, and that nothing ‘dodgy’ messes with you – and that you take it slow and easy for the first day back!

    As for the marathon, not sure …depends on schedule I suppose! Even when I was in Massachusetts, the place I worked for 15 years before getting laid off didn’t give us Patriot’s Day off … which is crap. Even just in NY no one has a clue about it as a holiday.

    • Thanks! 🙂 We seem to always stuff way too much into our trips (except for our honeymoon, which was only sitting on the beach. Very unlike us, but so nice!), and like you said, there’s always more to do. So however crazy we are trying to do it all, it always feels a little disappointing that we didn’t fit everything in. Ah well… reason to go back someday, right? 😉

      I’m with you re: professional re-energizing. The typical conferences I go to always leave me a bit “meh,” so this one was especially fantastic in that it really pumped me up. I wish more were like it!

      I always forget that not everyone gets Patriots Day off… it’s a shame! I’m a big supporter of days off work, especially when it allows you to watch the Marathon 😉

      And thanks for the well wishes on the run… it went okay! Slow but steady(ish), so pretty much par for the course 🙂

  2. Awesome photos!!! It looks and sounds like you had a great trip! I wish I had a job that had cool conferences in awesome locations. Closest I ever got was a notary class in Santa Barbara. So not the same. 😝
    A trip like that would amazing, I sure wouldn’t be running either. I’ve always wanted to go to England and Scotland, maybe one day I will win the lotto. 🙂
    Welcome back!

    • Thanks! It was a pretty awesome trip! Usually my work conferences are in places that are super hot in the summer (Orlando, Atlanta, etc.) or super cold in the winter (Chicago, Boston, etc.), so it was nice to get to go somewhere relatively exotic for a change! 🙂 (Not as exotic as Santa Barbara, though.)
      I always intend to run on trips like this, but my good intentions always fall by the wayside. At least I get a ton of walking in, right?
      I hope you can get to the UK someday, lotto or not! I’m a little biased, but it’s a fantastic place to visit.

  3. Ah, traffic cones on statues and Greggs sausage rolls… you’re making me homesick for Glasgow! Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to the UK. I hope you got your run in too. 🙂

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