Global Running Day 2016

Happy Global Running Day! (Or, as I’ve seen on various social media accounts… “as runners call it, Wednesday.”)

grdI’m not sure when National Running Day became Global Running Day (this year? Previously? I can’t find that info… though admittedly I haven’t searched too hard), but what I do know is that I’ve been injured or ill on National/Global Running Day for the past three years and am super excited that I can actually take part this year.

(To read my sad, injured tales from years of yore, see 2014 and 2015.)

Looking for ways to celebrate this world-wide day of running?

-Pledge to run on


-Find a Global Running Day event near you

-Take part in Runner’s World‘s #WorldsBiggestRUNch

-Enjoy a discount on registration to a Rock’n’Roll race

-Speaking of discounts, get up to 50% off sale items at Gone For a Run today

-Check out tips from Active and Competitor

-Grab a book about running and find a cozy place to ready it (I recommend Running Like a Girl if you’d like some laughs… or check out any of the exhaustive lists of recommended reads for runners)

-Feeling the writing bug? Start your own book around running! Or a blog post. Or a journal entry. Or…

-Just pop on your shoes and go for a run! Injured? Pop some ice on there, or do some stretches, or rest, and dream about your glorious return 🙂

Are you jumping on the Global Running Day bandwagon? If so, how are you celebrating?


6 thoughts on “Global Running Day 2016

  1. Yeah, just a Wednesday for me 🙂 That is ok, I knew it was today so I ran my 10.5 and fully appreciated how great it is that I am able to do that at all, let alone with relative ease and without pain or injury concerns.

    Glad you got to join the fun this year, Dana!

    • Thanks, me too! 🙂 And just an average Wednesday when one can appreciate the joy of running is just fine 🙂

  2. Oh no, I totally forgot about that. I ran a bit to catch my train this evening… does that count at all?
    If not, I’ll make sure I dream about running across the Sahara Desert or something tonight to make up for it.
    Happy Wednesday! 😉

    • Nooo! Boo bum leg! I hope it stops being bum ASAP! (The mile was glorious, and I enjoyed it for you and anyone else who’s injured!) 🙂

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