I am Legend

Hello and happy Wednesday!

I’m wicked excited to share with you that I’ve been chosen to be a 2016 ambassador for LEGEND Compression Wear!


LEGEND was launched in 2015, on a mission “to improve the performance of every athlete – from the casual jogger to the competitive triathlete.” In addition to traditional athletic compression gear like performance socks, leg sleeves, and recovery socks, they also offer socks for hiking, golf, and even business socks and stockings.

One thing that really caught my eye about LEGEND is their commitment to the long-term health of their customers’ legs, in addition to their athletic performance. The compression level in their performance socks is medically designed to be just right, and not too tight. As someone who’s tried other compression socks and sometimes struggled with a too-tight, constricted feeling, the #rightnottight movement definitely appealed to me.

You know what else is awesome? As a LEGEND ambassador, I get a discount code that I can share with my readers! (I know this will make me sound like a huge dork, but I’ve always thought it would be cool to be one of those bloggers with a “use X code to save Y% on this cool product!”splashed across the blog. And now I can do that! Woohoo!)

Use the code AmbFriend2016 to get 15% off any LEGEND purchase!

Have you used compression gear for running or recovery? What brands have you tried?


6 thoughts on “I am Legend

  1. WooHoo! Congratulations – look forward to reading how they work for you!

    I have had a few different types – a few years ago I got two different brands for Christmas, one from my wife the other from my parents … they were OK but really too heavy and restrictive. Since then I have just used PROCompression and have been very happy. I only use the full length socks. I should probably think about breaking out the black pairs for work socks again, because I tend to wear thin no-show socks all summer …

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing how they work out too 🙂 I’ve used PROcompression before and for the most part was happy with them. The “right not tight” of Legend intrigues me!

  2. Awesome!! Congratulations! I am looking forward to hearing more about them. All my compression is ProCompression…and I have a lot. It would something pretty awesome to make me switch. But mostly that’s my broken pocket book talking. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m eagerly awaiting mail day so I can try them out 🙂 Compression stuff is so much more expensive than I want it to be… I’ve definitely enjoyed ProCompression’s grab bag sales in the past!

  3. We are excited to have you on our team! There are a lot of good brands out there, but we truly believe from our years of experience in medical compression hosiery that you’ll love what our gear will offer you!

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