How I Fell Off the Running Wagon

Hello there! Apologies (yet again) for a lack of posts lately. Same excuses as last time… busy at work, busy with homework, battling ever-present exhaustion, and less mental capacity for the whole blogging thing… both writing and keeping up with reading the blogs I follow, as well as keeping up with social media. I admit that I am a deviant, and I’m sorry.

Now that that’s out of the way, the one blog post that’s been vaguely bouncing around in my brain for the last few months is about how being pregnant has affected my running. I’m going to attempt that post now… it might border on TMI, and will probably be rambly, so feel free to run away now if you’d just rather not!


Happily(ish) embarking on some preggo running back in September

When I first found out I was pregnant (early June), I was determined to keep running. I had several races on the horizon that I was looking forward to, including a half marathon that I was feeling very unprepared for… as you may remember. I was doing so much better in 2016 in terms of *not* DNSing (2015 was my year of the DNS), and I wanted to keep up that trend, if possible.

I was lucky enough to have a doctor who was also a runner, who gave me lots of advice along with encouragement to keep it up. Since I had recently dove back into a training plan (sort of), she didn’t see a problem with my continuing to run regularly, so long as I stayed hydrated and took it easy. Her number 1 rule was “listen to your body!” and since I tended to err on the side of that anyway, I figured I was good to go.


Now, as I type this, I’m teetering on the edge of my third trimester (!!) and I haven’t run at all since the QEOP 10K at the beginning of September. Prior to that race, I hadn’t run once since Beach 2 Beacon, a full month earlier. What happened? How did I fall off my gung-ho running wagon?

For one, running while pregnant is hard, man. Heck, walking – or even putting on my socks, some days! – leaves me out of breath and with a pounding heart.

(Although, I do have to admit, finding out I was pregnant made me feel a lot better about the runs I did in May that felt so incredibly hard, yet were so incredibly slow. After PRing in both 5K and 10K races earlier in the year, I found these runs and my lack of fitness/speed to be particularly frustrating… just when it looked like I was improving, suddenly I was slowing down and tiring so easily and I couldn’t figure it out. Seeing the positive pregnancy test was an a-ha moment!)

At least in early June I had immediate goals to work toward – the Worcester Firefighters 6K and the Worcester Half Marathon. The half especially, and my lack of training leading up to it, kept me motivated to keep running in the early days. Somehow I managed to pull off a PR in the 6K, and, despite a hot day, lots of hills, and my purposely taking it easy during the half, I somehow came within a few minutes of my PR. You’d think those feats would have motivated me to keep going, right?

Another problem? This summer was hot. Like, in-the-top-10-hottest-on record-in-Boston hot. I don’t do well running in the heat when I’m 100%, let alone when I’m building another human, so I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to pound the baking asphalt. I went to a few speed workouts with the Shammies, but those didn’t go so well; I either ran like crap and got frustrated, or I had to put the brakes on when my body started protesting, either from the heat or from fun things like round ligament pain.

Speaking of pain, there’s reason #3 I fell off the running wagon. My fellow-runner doctor urged me to stop anytime I felt any kind of pain, which I was experiencing with more frequency as the weeks ticked by. Partly due to the aforementioned round ligament pain, partly due to some cysty business, it would hit me more often than I would have liked while running, causing me to stop a lot. I’d be sitting in the grass, watching the Shammies run sprints and do other things I wanted to do, and it just got frustrating. Sometimes I’d go to workouts and walk, but it was hard not running when I really wanted to. So I just sort of stopped going.

Related to pain, reason #4 is general discomfort. I look back at my Worcester races in June and sigh wistfully about how good I had it back then. Sure, I tired more easily, but that was pretty much it. By the time Beach 2 Beacon rolled around, I had gained 10 pounds and certain parts of my anatomy were more, um, jiggly than they had been before (see below). Plus, there was the whole bladder situation that wasted about 10 minutes of my race and made the whole thing pretty uncomfortable.


Left: June 19; Right: August 6. Same singlet, a bit more stretched out on the right. (Please ignore the bird I’m flipping on the right… it was accidental!)

By the time I was running the QEOP 10K in London a month later, I had graduated to my singlet that’s two sizes larger than the one pictured above, and cursing myself for not having bought a new sports bra that a) fit better, and b) supported things better. By that race, not only was I still dealing with round ligament pain and an almost constant urge to duck into a portaloo, but I was also dealing with bits that had gotten even more jiggly to the point of being painful. If I hadn’t been holding my phone and a bag of gummy fuel, I probably would have been holding myself as I went.

Right, so, where does that bring us on the list of my excuses for why I’m not so much running anymore?

  1. I tire more easily/get out of breath quicker
  2. It was too hot (hot damn!)
  3. It hurt
  4. It was uncomfortable

Number 5 is a combination of lack of time and general exhaustion. I know I mentioned tiredness in my first excuse, but that was more of a getting-tired-more-quickly-while-running situation. This is just straight-up tired. All. The. Time. During my first trimester, I felt levels of tiredness that I didn’t even know a human could experience (and I haven’t even reached the sleep-deprived newborn stage yet!). I’d be so tired, I’d literally crawl under my desk at work and curl up on the thinly carpeted cement floor and fall asleep.

By the time I’d get home from work, it was all I could do to put dinner in my face before dozing on the couch before then slinking off to bed at 8pm. The thought of running (or blogging!) after work went right out the door, as did thoughts of getting up early to beat the heat on the weekends. I really wanted to try a prenatal yoga class, but the most convenient one to me was at 9am on Saturdays and even that was too early.

Although I got slightly less tired during my second trimester (allegedly the “honeymoon stage” of pregnancy when you’re supposed to have all kinds of energy – ha!), I was still exhausted all the time, and somehow my life got super busy. Drew and I were either traveling every weekend or running around like mad to do errands, visit family, and do other things we couldn’t do while traveling. Then I had the brilliant idea to sign up for a graduate-level history class, which has eaten up most of my free time since early September, and which goes until right before Christmas. I should be doing homework now, actually, but alas.

So there we have it. Those five things have conspired to derail my running-through-pregnancy plans. Could I have beaten them all with an ironclad will? Sure. But anyone who’s read this blog knows that’s not really my style. I know women who have run through their entire pregnancies, and I think that’s awesome. Part of me wishes I had muddled through and done the same. The other part of me lays on the couch with a cup of tea and my feet up thinking “I’m listening to my body!” The more things change, the more they stay the same 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve taken advantage of Old Navy and Primark clearance sales and bought myself some maternity-size workout clothes, and I still have good intentions. I try to go for a walk every day at work during my lunch break, and one of these days I’ll join Drew at the gym instead of doing homework. I signed up for a prenatal yoga class that happens in the evening. I’ve researched and registered for a jogging stroller. I’ll climb back on that running wagon… someday.

Have you ever fallen off the running wagon for any reason? How did you climb back on?

Any running moms out there – did you run through pregnancy? How did it go?


12 thoughts on “How I Fell Off the Running Wagon

  1. I ran during both of my pregnancies and it was hard going so I stopped. I ended up doing prenatal yoga and it felt great. I ran with a brace during both pregnancies and that helped but it was more about just staying active and less race focused.

    I’ve fallen off the running wagon twice this year – once in June post half marathon/my dog passing, and then again recently after just getting over an ankle injury. It’s hard and I think it just takes time, you’ll snap out of it when your ready – at least that’s how I feel.

    • I heard that using a brace could help, but didn’t get around to getting one until after I’d hopped off the running wagon. I’m glad you had a good experience with prenatal yoga… mine was a bit not so good.

      I hope you’ve snapped out of your running funk, or are at least enjoying a running funk 🙂 I need to catch up with blogs so I can see how everyone is doing!

  2. It is funny when your body is trying to send you signals and you are just upset, annoyed at yourself and want to cry … my biggest running lull was when my thyroid died – I couldn’t get my mojo going, couldn’t run more than a few days and then would eat myself into oblivion, and was gaining weight and constantly exhausted.

    Thyroid test, meds, and BOOM – here I am suddenly doing 3000+ miles per year. Crazy man.

    Pregnancy is quite the challenge – because everyone is different in so many ways, and suddenly everyone feels like you and your growing baby are public property. I’m sure that had you been running more you’d have great stories of how people yelled at you for ruining the baby or something!

    (as a not-so-fun note, my wife will chime in to let you know that menopause can be an unfortunately unrewarding mirror to your pregnancy experience. Yay.)

    Anyway – glad you posted, love hearing how things are going … and quite frankly you should just say ‘screw it’ and post baby/pregnancy stuff! Most blog readers are here for the person, not the running 🙂

    • Thanks Mike 🙂 If only I had the brain space to blog, maybe I would have been posting fun baby/preggo stuff… maybe now that my class is over I’ll be more on the ball!

      The only person I had get after me for running while pregnant was my grandmother, who was absolutely horrified that I ran a half marathon at two months (but to be fair, she was always getting after me to stop running, even when I wasn’t pregnant!) I’m sure if I had run more with a visible bump I would have gotten some comments.

  3. Absolute respect for getting out there and running to begin with. It’s not something My doc would recommend but thankfully there’s more and more doc’s that are encouraging fitness regimes.
    As for falling off the running wagon – does kidney infection from hell plus hound dying plus mojo hiding in the woods as far away from me as possible count? I struggled to mount up the energy to put on lycra that felt TIGHT, then mustering the energy to open the door and drag my sorry arse through that door and then run was…PAH!! It was pants!! BIG pants!! I need to buy bigger pants! Oh dear!! Friends, friends at the club and family members all helped. They helped to drag me out of the door, kicking and wimpering (screaming was too much effort!). Get to the middle of the woods – Woooohoooooo!!!!! Run FOREST RUN!!!!!!!
    Blogging – yeah…. I was doing that, then I wasn’t, then I was, then I wasn’t. This year has been so flakey I’m not even sure if my blog is chronologically correct!?!

    • Even pressing buttons incorrectly is happening this year!! Seriously!!
      So – concentrate on growing that human. It’s one helluva tough job. Yes there are mum’s who CAN run all the way through pregnancy but some of us just aren’t built that way and that’s OK!!
      Ramble away on your blog. It’s fun for the rest of us who are also wondering what the hell we’re doing most of the time.
      When’s the next post?

      • Hopefully posts will be a bit more common now that I’ve finished my class… I have a few ideas bumping around in the tired ol’ brain 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂 It does seem like more docs are encouraging rather than discouraging, which is good. And I’d say your situation more than warranted a fall off the running wagon- yikes! I’m so sorry about your dog, and hope you’re feeling much, much better now!!

  4. Even attempting to run while pregnant is pretty badass in my book. Don’t even stress that you’re not getting out there right now, it happens and soon you’ll have the cutest little running buddy ever! Third trimester already? Are you getting excited?

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