Gotta Have Heart

Hello there and happy Tuesday!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed recent posts that look like this:


Why have I randomly jumped on the heart rate training bandwagon? Well, I’m excited to share that I’ve recently become a Heart Zones ambassador!

Heart Zones Ambassador Badge 2017Heart Zones was founded in 1993 by Hall of Fame triathlete/ultra-marathoner/founder of Fleet Feet Sports Sally Edwards to motivate and empower people to improve their fitness through education, technology, and training. Their goal is to “Get America Fit through data driven fitness that utilizes wearable technology and sound methodology.” You can learn more about their mission here.

I’ve been curious about heart rate training since my first 5k for Beginners class way back when, when one of our classes was devoted to figuring out our base heart rates and how to train with heart rate monitors. It was fascinating to me, but I felt like I wasn’t *quite* serious enough with my running to invest in a monitor.

When Heart Zones reached out to me, it re-piqued my interest in heart rate training, especially these days when I’m trying to get back to fitness smartly. I’m looking forward to using my Blink 3.0 sensor more, and having new running data I can play with and learn from!


Have you run/trained with a heart rate monitor? What did you think of it?


4 thoughts on “Gotta Have Heart

  1. I’ll be interested to learn more about this for sure! I’m hoping to continue doing CrossFit when/if I get pregnant, and I’ve been reading that keeping your heart rate from spiking too much is important. I have a simple HRM that I used to use, but I’m also a gear/data nerd so this looks cool!

    • I’m totally a gear/data nerd too, so I was super excited about this new-to-me HRM! And for sure, keeping tabs on the heart while pregnant isn’t a bad thing! 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’ve heard that your heart rate readings can be affected by hills, heat, if you’ve had enough water, etc… maybe it’s a combo of all that? Or maybe just the watch? I’m curious to see what kind of ratings I get from this HRM!

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