No Marathon For Me

… at least not this year!

My running club held its annual Boston Marathon number lottery last night at our fall cookout. For the first time since I’ve been a member, my name was in the hat. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I was feeling a little Prim Everdeen about it all, but excited that I’d have the ultimate motivation to get back on a training plan. 

Anyone want to guess how well my pre-potential-marathon training plan execution went?

Yep. All I wanted was to build up a small base again, with 5k being my goal. Did I go running at all since coming up with that plan?

Finding motivation is hard right now, guys. On the days I work, by the time I get home I just want to cuddle the Bairn and then sit on the couch and do nothing once he’s in bed. It’s so dark now in the evenings already… I’m not mentally prepared for it to be fall. On the days I’m home, I’m a special kind of exhausted once Drew gets home and frees me from Bairn-wrangling, and the Bairn isn’t quite old enough to be pushed on runs in the jogger yet. And mornings? Ugh. The Bairn is my early morning alarm clock, and there’s no way right now I could get up even earlier. 

I have to admit I’m a little relieved that I didn’t get a number. Disappointed? Yes. But also very relieved. Now I can get back to building a base without the pressure of a marathon looming over me. Plus, all the people who got numbers have been running and training a lot, and deserve Boston way more than I do right now!

So, there’s always next year. But now the question is: what the heck do I use for motivation??

16 thoughts on “No Marathon For Me

  1. Hang in there, we totally went through that too! Still not quite back to anything much longer than 5k but started using blog to keep me honest. So sad, cause me and hot wife used to do 1/2 Ironmans

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’ve toyed with the idea of a half, and might just pick one to set my sights on. It seems much more realistic than a full right now!!

  2. Agree with the others – take the time now to make the most of your overly full schedule … they are never this small or totally dependent on you again. And while it is overwhelming, it has many other dimensions.

    Running will be there – I mean, look at me, I really hit my distance stride when my kids were both in high school! Just do what you can, and remember – it’s ok. You took on a whole new full time job 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I needed these reminders! Especially from someone who’s been there 🙂 I use the “he’s only this little once” excuse for a lot of things with no apologies, but have been harder on myself when it comes to getting back to running. I hope I can emulate your running dedication someday!

    • Thanks! The shorter days and looming time change certainly does a number on motivation. I hope we can both wrangle some mojo somehow! 🙂

  3. Hopefully you’ll win that Boston lotto at a more opportune time! I’ve been running once per week for the last two months. It’s hard not to feel lame, but it’s harder to make myself run more. Ha!

    • Thanks, me too! “More opportune time” is key 🙂 I’ve been feeling lame with my occasionally once a week runs too, but I agree… it’s harder to get out there! Hope you and the wee one are doing well 🙂

  4. While I can understand being disappointed, the timing probably would have been terrible. Take it from the girl who decided to train for her first marathon WHILE working full time AND being in a musical. It was bloody awful. Enjoy the bairn and know that running (and Boston) will always be there.

    • Heh, very good point! I probably would have been cursing my decision the whole time I was training. Like you said – it will always be there!

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