Inconsiderate Running

I’m pretty sure most of us have pet peeves when it comes to running, specifically with other runners. Whether it’s slamming on the brakes out of nowhere during a race, spitting or blowing noses without taking the direction of the wind or proximity of other runners into consideration, or what have you, they run the gamut from mildly irritating to just plain rude.

Here’s one that I was thinking about yesterday – running in hallways or other indoor spaces not intended for running. I hadn’t really thought about this one before, other than reading once about people on running streaks running in airports to make sure they didn’t break their streaks.

Let me set the scene that caused my ponderings: Yesterday I was walking from my office to my car, taking the longer inside route because it was pouring rain. I was approaching a corner when a man kitted out in running gear came flying around that corner and would have crashed into me had I not practically thrown myself into the wall to get out of his way. I glanced over my shoulder at him as he jogged off, and it clearly looked like he was getting his lunchtime run in, inside and away from the rain.

I mean, I get it. It was cold and wet and awful outside yesterday, so I can’t blame him for wanting a nice, dry runch.


For one thing, there are 2 gyms containing many treadmills on campus. Don’t like the treadmill? That’s fine, we also have an indoor track. Maybe he doesn’t like running in circles? Okay, but.

The school currently has a “don’t ride inside” campaign happening, trying to discourage people from riding scooters, skateboards, bicycles, and the like indoors. It happens way more often than what seems normal. I mean, I’ve almost been hit by cyclists in hallways more than once. Bicycles gunning for us lowly pedestrians on the sidewalk is bad enough; can we have no respite indoors either?!

Anyway, I assume campus police are tired of getting complaints from startled people who had near misses with people on wheels, so now they’ve imposed a fine for anyone who gets caught. To me, that seems fair… but I may be biased due to past experiences.

All that to say, using wheels to travel faster through hallways that are generally clogged with people is frowned upon. Should running be as well? The guy who almost collided with me yesterday came around that corner like a ninja [kudos on the proper running form, dude… I hear if you run properly people shouldn’t be able to hear you coming]. What if I had been a elderly professor with arms full of papers or a laptop, who couldn’t get out of the way as fast as I could? Or someone pushing a big heavy cart laden with packages or flat-pack furniture? Running Man could have hurt himself.

To me, running in a hallway – while a great way to avoid inclement weather – seems a bit inconsiderate. The thought to do just what Running Man did has crossed my mind before on gross winter days, but I’ve never really thought it would be a good idea… too many other people around, too many things that could go awry. Especially when there are multiple indoor running facilities right there, just waiting to be used.

What do you think – is running in hallways inconsiderate, or not too bad?

What running pet peeves do you have?


13 thoughts on “Inconsiderate Running

  1. Whoa … WTF with running/riding in the halls?!?! Heck, at the various Corning buildings/campuses we call each other out for texting and walking, especially on stairs or parking areas … I can’t even imagine! So I guess, yeah, using hallways as your running course is rather rude.

    I really don’t have any additional peeves aside from the ones you noted … except maybe when people running don’t share the road well. Like last fall I was running up towards a slower guy and was getting really annoyed that he stayed on the *inside* of the white line. OK, I get that there is grading on the outside so you might want to move in to the flat part when possible … but not when there are cars coming! Makes people less sympathetic I think.

    • You call each other out for texting and walking?! That’s amazing. I spend my workdays actively avoiding texting walkers both inside and outside, apparently while also dodging runners. It’s hard not to get frustrated with the lack of consideration sometimes.

      I’m with you on people being less sympathetic because of runners who don’t share the road, or who do other things that sort of give us all a bad rap. A little situational awareness could go a long way.

  2. All I can think was “Did his parents never teach him that running is for outdoors only?” If I had a nickle for every time I heard that phrase growing up, I’d have a lot of nickles! While I sympathize with not wanting to run outside when it’s gross, either take it to the treadmill or take a rest day. Sheesh!

  3. That is very strange.. and rude. definitely. When I was in HS, my soccer coach would run us through the hallways on rainy or cold days and it was soooooo fun cuz we had permission to run through the whole school! But there was nobody in it so nobody cared!

    • That must have been fun! I would have loved to have an excuse to run through my high school, haha. But while it’s empty is key. Not when there are a ton of other people around! Strange and rude for sure.

  4. That would have made me so angry. I probably would have shouted “watch it!” making a spectacle of myself. Haha. Other than that, I also dislike when others take up the whole sidewalk or are running on the wrong side of the street.

    • I was caught so off guard I was struck silent! Haha. I also get irked when people take up the whole sidewalk… both while running or in general!

  5. That is totally bizarre. Honestly, I would never consider it because if my GPS couldn’t accurately tell him just how far I had gone, it wouldn’t count in my head! There are so many reasonable options for getting a run in. No reason to be running halls. That being said, if you are going to be the one running halls, it is up to you to exercise extreme caution around others.

    • Right! Even when I’m running outside I try to be cautious and courteous of those around me. If someone were running inside, I feel like they should be doubly cautious, especially in notoriously busy hallways.

  6. Blimey! Running in corridors is bad enough, but cycling and scooters as well!? One of my pet peeves is small children on scooters who swerve all over the pavement so that you have no idea which way to go to avoid them (even when you’re walking) while their parents stroll 100 yards behind them, completely oblivious. Don’t get me started…
    But yeah, back to the original point, there’s no excuse for running in corridors, especially when you have a gym or indoor track that you can use.

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