Has it seriously been 3 months since I last posted? Oh dear. The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?

My blogging never really got back on the rails after the Bairn arrived and I got sucked into the world of parenthood, where priorities take on whole new shapes. Or maybe shapes take on whole new priorities? 

Anyway, in addition to wandering through the new adventure of parenthood, I also started a new job a few months ago. After 12(!) years at my last job, it was time to move on. I landed a part time gig at a public library and it’s been great! I have a few days home with the Bairn and a few days working with awesome people at a beautiful library and getting the nerdy high I get from helping people find books and information all day. 

It’s also way more frenetic than my last job, which was chill and predictable for the most part. I’m on my feet almost constantly and I never know what spanners will get thrown into my day, which keeps things interesting. It also means I spend my lunch breaks generally sitting and reading, or going for walks in the sunshine, to clear my head and recover a bit, leaving no blogging time like I used to have. And when I get home, well, I’ve got a Bairn to wrangle before collapsing on the couch with a cider. 

So, all that to say, I’ve been neglecting the ol’ blog once again, but now as I’m settling into new routines, I hope to start posting again here and there. I have 2 race recaps that are overdue (including one that featured the debut of the Jogging Stroller!), so look for those soon(ish)!

In the meantime, here’s a not-great action shot of the Jogging Stroller in action several weeks ago:

Til next time, turn and face those ch-ch-changes!


9 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes 

  1. I haven’t blogged consistently in what’s turning out to be years (yikes!) But seeing your post today is inspiring me. Maybe I’ll get something up in the next week or so? I’m glad to hear you like your new gig! And looking forward to more posts.

    • It does! Most of the time 😉 My last job let me go back part time after maternity leave, but they were pressuring me to return to full time and I just couldn’t. I love the days I’m home with my Bairn, and he’ll only be little once!

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