In Pointless* Pursuit of the Pace Bunny

Every year, my running club launches a 1000-mile club challenge. Any runner who runs 1000 miles in the calendar year gets a special prize (last year was fancy running hats with the running club logo on it) and plenty of street cred.

Anyone participating in the challenge signs up to track their mileage online, and each run entered pushes their little avatar closer to the virtual finish line. There’s also a little avatar for the Pace Bunny, who sets the suggested pace of ~2.75 miles per day. Friends have joked in the past about how wild rabbits would show up in their yards to taunt them as they struggled to chase the Pace Bunny.

Since becoming a Shammie, I’ve toyed with the idea of signing up to chase the Bunny myself, but have always decided not to since I know I’ll fall well short of the 1000-mile goal.

Until this year.

Yep, that’s my wee avatar at the very bottom (although, as of this morning, someone leapfrogged me and I’m now at the top of page 3). Even though I know 1000 miles is still a bit of out of my wheelhouse, I decided to take the plunge this year.

Pursuing the Pace Bunny feels a little pointless if I think of it as trying to meet the big goal. But I’m opting to see it as a fun(ish) way to track my running progress and see how far I can get in a year.

Previous attempts at tracking my yearly mileage haven’t gone so well, as there have been times I’ve forgotten my Garmin, or my Garmin will die in the middle of a run, or my runs are tracked partly at MapMyRun and partly at GarminConnect and partly on some scraps of paper I swear I left around here somewhere. Drinking the Pace Bunny kool-aid gives me one single place to track my mileage… just as long as I can ignore all my fellow Shammies as they surpass the Bunny and make me look pathetic. This kind of comparison is also what’s kept me from joining in in the past – not wanting to see myself publicly being the weakest link in the club – but I’m past the point of worrying how I look now, at least to others. I’m logging my miles, in whatever tiny amounts I can get them in, and as long as I can keep my focus on my own avatar, then pursuing the Pace Bunny won’t be so pointless after all.

How do you track your yearly mileage, if that’s something you do?

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