HMBTS Training, Week 2



Rest | Rest

Rest days are awesome.


3 mile run | 4 miles Expresso Bike, 1 mile run

I was being a little cautious about my leg this week, so I decided to sit out on speedwork. Plus, in all honesty, it was hot again so I wasn’t too sad about sitting out.

Instead, the Bairn and I went to the gym. He got to play with trucks in the childcare area while I got my Expresso Bike on. The only problem was I kept choosing super hilly courses that made my dodgy leg hurt, so I gave up after starting and abandoning a few. I opted to walk on a treadmill, then realized my leg was feeling okay so I did a test mile. I ran slower than usual and kept a 0 incline, and my leg didn’t hurt at all. I iced it at home for good measure.


Cross-training | PT exercises and stretching

I repeated last week’s routine, but added 5 seconds to my planks and a few more exercises – side-lying leg lifts, prone hip extensions, squats, and lunges. Everything felt good except the lunges, which tweaked my right knee a little. Uh oh… that sucker has given me trouble in the past. I broke out the ice pack again just in case:


Rest | Rest

Thursdays are my late day at work, so rest days suit pretty well.


3 mile run | rest

And the wheels have fallen off already! (Well, hopefully not.) My morning went wonky when the Bairn had a meltdown before going to daycare, so I didn’t have time for a pre-work run. I figured I’d go after dinner, but then I got struck with stomach pains that were intense enough and in the right spot to make me google appendicitis symptoms. False alarm, but I was uncomfortable enough that resting seemed like the smart choice.


30 min cross-training| 10 min arm workout

I did 2 sets of 10 reps each of bicep curls, shoulder presses, side and front raises, and … a few other things? … with 2 lb. dumbbells. It was only a third of the time I was supposed to do, but my right arm was popping each time I moved it and I’m being super paranoid about my body this week, it seems. However, earlier in the day I had pushed the stroller/chased the Bairn around Jamaica Pond, so that also counts as CT, yes?


4 mile run | 3.5 mile run

Let’s approach this run in terms of lessons learned, shall we?

  1. When the day is forecast to be around 90*, I should probably get my lazy bum out of bed earlier and get a run in while it’s relatively cool. Even by 9am it was narsty out there.
  2. When the day is forecast to be around 90* (or even if it’s not, tbh), I need to DRINK MORE WATER. Seriously, you’d think I’d know this by now. Today was special, though. I drank a cup of coffee and then went out, no water at all. Great job, me. I was pretty dead by 2 miles and trying not to faint.
  3. Talking to birds while on a run is okay, but maybe not when there are other people around. (I heard a Carolina wren in a stretch of woods and stopped to try to see it. I think I was saying “maybe you’ll let me see you on my way back?” when suddenly there was a lady walking by me and eyeing me cautiously… god knows who/what she thought I was talking to.)

I started this run well enough, making sure I warmed up beforehand and kept my pace slow so as not to anger my dodgy leg. It didn’t bother me at all until I stopped for my impromptu birdwatching at around the 1-mile mark, which was an improvement from last week. My lack of hydration and the beating sun made mile 1.5-on really unpleasant, and I ended up walking the last half-mile. Boo. Hopefully next week goes better!


2 thoughts on “HMBTS Training, Week 2

  1. Stroller pushing and toddler chasing totally count as cross-training! Glad to see you’re still training. It’s not easy with a little running around.

    • Haha, thanks! I guess that means I cross-train nearly every day 😉 Training is definitely more of a balancing act with a Bairn running around for sure.

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