HMBTS Training, Week 4


This week ended up being a bit wibbly, as shifting a long run from Sunday to Monday is apparently enough to send me skidding sideways, training-plan-wise. Let’s see how I picked up the pieces:


Rest | 4.5 mile run

As I mentioned last week, Sunday was hot as soccer balls and I was a giant grumpus, so when I saw that Monday was supposed to be cooler, I bumped my long run up a day.

Drew had been sick all weekend and wasn’t 100% by Monday, so he took a sick day. Thankfully he was well enough to be on Bairn Duty, so I was able to do this long run a) without the stroller or b) not on the treadmill at the gym. I picked a route that took me by two bubblers and a bathroom, and figured I’d be golden.

While the 80*F temp did indeed feel cooler than the 90+/over 100 with heat index of the weekend, it was still incredibly humid and sticky and gross. My weather app said it was only 56% humidity but I swear it was worse than that.

Look at those storm clouds just wanting to rain down on me! Sadly they did not.

I was supposed to do 5, but could only manage 4.5 before calling it quits. I made it down to the pond and part way around the lagoon (not even 2 miles total) before I wanted to crawl home and wave the white flag. I took a lot of walk breaks, and my running speed was sloooooow. But something is better than nothing, eh?


3.5 mile run | rest

My hip/leg hurt pretty bad after my long run, plus the training plan calls for a rest day after a long run, so I rested. It was nice.


Cross-training | 3.5 mile run

Drew was on bedtime duty so I snuck out for a sunset run to make up for Tuesday’s rest day. I was feeling good, so I figured for grins I’d try to see how far I could run before I had to stop.

Guys, I made it all 3.5 miles! I don’t think I’ve gone that far without a walk break in literal years. I didn’t even stop at intersections or anything – I just adjusted my route so I wouldn’t need to. It made me feel like a boss, and I felt so good afterward. Yay for a good run after a not-so-great one!


Rest | rest

Back to my usual schedule, which meant no time for anything but resting. Which I excel at.


3.5 mile run | PT exercises and stretching

I opted to drink a leisurely coffee and read before work rather than try to squeeze a run in. Then bedtime was waaayyyy off after the Bairn needed an emergency bath post-daycare (seriously, did he work up a sweat and then roll in the dirt? … probably), and after dinner took super long for some reason. By the time all was said and done, it was dark out and I didn’t want to go to the gym. So I did my usual Wednesday evening PT routine and called it a night.


40 min cross-training | rest

I got my hair cut and apparently that was enough to exhaust me for the rest of the day. So other than pushing the Bairn around the yard in his Little Tikes car, I had another rest day.

We also examined the wheels on his new present from Dappa (Grandpa)


5 mile run | 5 mile run

Huzzah! A long run that was pretty decent! I met up with the Shammies at HQ, more for motivation than anything, and ran the first mile with J, who is recovering from knee surgery. We had a nice chat then split off on our own routes – she on the road to home, and me (I?) on the bunny trail.

I hadn’t hit the bunny trail in maybe 4 years. I remembered it being about a 5-mile route from HQ, and a nice change of scenery from just loops around the pond, which is what the other Shammies were doing.

The bunny trail and a hard-to-see stream on the right

I made it just shy of 3.5 miles without having to take a walk break (though I did take a quick bubbler break at the pond), and was feeling pretty good. My pace picked up in the middle mile (when I was on the bunny trail, by myself, in the woods and feeling like I wanted to be out on a street again), but otherwise was holding steady around 11:20.

The last half-mile was the worst. It was back on the road, after several long hills, and in full sun. It wasn’t quite 9am but already the temp was climbing, and I was done. I had an image of a frozen coffee from Dunkies in my mind, and it was the carrot I needed dangling ahead of me to finish up. And it tasted amazing.

Considering this was my longest distance so far on this plan, I’m quite pleased with the run as a whole. I felt good until around 4.4 miles, with long stretches of being able to run without wanting to take a walk break. 11:20 is a decent pace, as historically my long runs tend to be over 12:00/mile. I just need to keep it up and soon 5 miles will feel like cakemeat, right??

Will I be able to recalibrate my training plan next week? Will the heat that’s still lurking knock me off the rails? Time will tell…

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