HMBTS Training, Week 7


Well, the pattern I spotted last week (decent week – wonky week, etc.) has broken. This was another wonky week, but I made do. I also got another bruised toenail, bringing the count up to 3. Maybe even following a novice training plan was still too much too soon for my long-suffering toes?


Rest | Rest

Maybe TMI, but the orthotics I’ve been wearing for several months gave me some gnarly calluses on my right foot… so gnarly, that I had to see a podiatrist Monday to have them removed. The relief when the one on my big toe was gone – ahhhh! It was lovely to be able to walk normally again. Surely this would only help my running??


4.5 mile run | 2 mile stroller run

I originally planned to take the Bairn out to the Bikeway for some stroller miles, but neither of us could get going in the morning, and my mom was coming to visit for the day. I decided for a quick loop down to and around the pond, but then we got chatting with neighbors and ran out of time. So we did a quick 2 miles around the neighborhood – better than nothing! – and then had a fun day with my mom.


Cross-training | Rest

I don’t really have any excuses for this extra rest day… I just didn’t feel like doing my usual cross-training routine, or anything else. It be like that sometimes.


Rest | Rest

Typical Thursday, nothing to report.


4.5 mile run | 4.5 mile run

Huzzah, I finally did what I was supposed to do! After a wonky week, I was determined to get 4.5 miles in… even though I hadn’t hydrated or eaten very well before daycare drop-off. But, it was relatively cool and I figured I’d be fine. (Narrator: She was not.) It was way hotter than my weather app said, I swear, and it was a hard run. But I did it. And my toes hated me afterward.


50 minute cross-training | PT exercises and stretching

My right leg hurt after my Friday run, something that’s been bothering me off and on all year (more on this in a bit). I was wondering if my having skipped my weekly informal PT session had something to do with it, so I did it Saturday. I also swept the house, which counts as an arm workout, right? Maybe?


7 mile run | 7 mile run

It was upper 70s and uncomfortably humid when I set out for my run this morning, so I opted for loops of the pond so I could have regular water breaks. I figured those would be a good time to pop some chews too. To keep it interesting, and to change up the hills and such, I reversed direction after each bubbler break.

I realized as I ran that I have sort of settled into a love/hate relationship with the pond when it comes to running. I love that it’s a clear-cut 2-mile loop, that it’s a pleasant place to run, that it has a bubbler with cold water plus a bathroom if needed. However, as my long runs get longer, the pleasant view gets a bit old, and the many other people who are typically out enjoying the pond get a bit old too. Especially dog walkers who give their leashes a ton of slack and let their dogs jet out in any direction at random, and especially people who walk next to each other on the sidewalk (or 3+ abreast at the wider bits) and don’t make room even when they see someone coming. Bubbler excepted, I found myself missing the random, pedestrianless roads I’ve been running the last few weeks.

Other people and ennui aside, the run itself felt pretty good. I struggled at the start to rein in my pace, which was hovering just faster than 10:00 for longer than preferred. I managed to keep my running pace between 10:30 and 11:30 for nearly the whole time; my slow mile paces came from walk breaks and/or bubbler-and-chew breaks.

Despite the heat and humidity and the fact that I was taking quick walk breaks every mile after the first 2, I felt strong when I was running, and was pleased with my pace. When I hit 6.75 miles, I even had the (brief) thought that I felt I could run more than 7 miles. I didn’t want to! But I felt like I could, and that was pretty cool.

And yet… I was pretty disheartened when I saw my overall time – 7 miles in just shy of 1.5 hours. My half marathon PR is currently 2:37:58. A half marathon is a little less than twice what I ran today, and if you double my time, it’s nearly 3 hours. I felt faster and stronger running today than I did in my PR race, and yet my projected time is worse. It just doesn’t add up in my mind, and I’m still a little bummed. I feel like I should focus on how I felt during the run and not on my pace worries, but that’s what’s sticking.

Well, that and the pain in my right leg. It was diagnosed as hip bursitis back in April, and then it disappeared for a few months and I was fine until training for this half was underway. The pain first appeared when I started wearing orthotics, which was supposed to help everything, not send my hip wonky and give me gnarly calluses. Not cool. I don’t really want to go to PT, and I don’t want to rest it because this is the best a training plan has gone so far, dammit, and I don’t want to stop even if it’s stupid not to do so. So I’m icing and stretching and doing my old PT exercises and we’ll see, I suppose.

Will this hip pain drive me to the brink?Will Week 8 bring yet another bruised toenail? Will I finally figure out my hydration-without-pond-struggles situation? Tune in next week…

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