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I started this blog (originally titled “My Running Diary”) in October 2013 as a way for me to log and reflect on the races I’d run, and to ramble about my progress from a non-runner to a possible-marathoner. I’ve been keeping various blogs off and on for more than 10 years, so I guess having a place to write about my running adventures just seemed like the natural direction to go in.

When I first started posting, I was really only writing for myself. What were my race times and how did they compare to other races? What did I think about as I ran/after I finished? How did I feel? What silly pictures can I look back on and feel nostalgic about? Stuff no one else probably cared about. I think my mom was the only other person who read the blog [Hi Mum!]. Then one day, curious about whether any other runners blogged about their experiences, I did a quick google search for “running blog,” and hello!! I really shouldn’t have been surprised about how many are out there, but the sheer number and variety, as well as the sense of community I could see at some of them, was impressive. (To check out some of my favorites, see my blogroll on the right of the page.)

To be honest, I got a tad jealous of some of the bloggers I started to read. Not only do lots of them get free samples of kit to review and have tons of followers and commenters, but for the most part, they’re all so fast. Even the ones who complain about how slow they are have PRs well under mine and paces that make mine blush with shame. Some of them went from hating running (hey! like me!) to kicking butt in half-marathons within astonishingly short amounts of time, while I’m still struggling to finish 5Ks comfortably. I know I’m not supposed to compare my performances to other people’s, but I started to feel like my humble little blog would be the laughing stock of the running blog world… partly because it’s been hiding in a dark corner with no readers, and partly because who wants to read about a painfully slow runner who has questionable motivation when it comes to improving?

In fact, I haven’t come across any blogs written by lazy, unmotivated, slow people like me (though admittedly I haven’t searched very hard). Sure, there are blogs by new runners or runners who struggle with their pace like I do, but everyone seems so much more motivated than me. That realization has given me a vague sense of purpose for this blog, beyond being my personal running log: I will represent* the slow, steady(ish), back-of-the-pack runners with questionable motivation. Not all runners are fast, and not all of us are necessarily successful with training or staying motivated, but we (I?) do what we (I) can. Maybe there are other slow and steady(ish) runners out there who will gain a sense of camaraderie (or something) from knowing that they’re not alone in a sea of uber-motivated people. Maybe we can help motivate each other! Or at least commiserate over bad race times.

Or, more likely, I’ll just keep using this blog as a running diary and a chronicle of my journey as I try to get faster, try to improve my endurance, and attempt to run Boston some day. Hopefully I’ll manage to be slightly entertaining along the way.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, revelations of camaraderie, etc., please feel free to contact me at dgobsrunning [at] gmail [dot] com. Happy reading, and happy running!

*Disclaimer: I’m not attempting to speak for all slow and steady(ish) runners. Just me, promise!

**Another disclaimer: Any mentions or reviews of certain brands or products on this blog are my own opinions and I haven’t received any compensation for what I’ve written. I’m not a gear expert, and what works for me may not work the same for others. I’m not fast enough to have sponsors and my blog doesn’t have enough readers for me to be sent products to review, so any reviews I do write are written just because I feel like it. (Though I am a gear head and enjoy free stuff, so I’d be happy to review anything anyone wants to send me! … Anyone? Bueller?)


1 thought on “About This Blog

  1. Please let me know insights you have about Expresso rides and how to avoid pain following them? Am having trouble figuring out the right seat height, distance from handlebars, etc. Love the bike – bought one – expensive in Dec 2017 and now having So much pain.

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