Cast of Characters

Me: Former rec-league soccer player who’s trying out this running thing. Dodgy ankles. Three-time flunker of Couch-to-5K. Questionable commitment and motivation, yet fancy myself the female incarnation of Bill Rodgers. (Read more about my running journey here.) (Want to learn a bunch of random facts about me? In lieu of a true “About Me” page, check out this post, this post, this post, and this post.)

Drew: My husband and my number-one fan. Voluntarily comes to all my races to cheer me on, take pictures, and fetch me water and snacks so I don’t keel over. The best.

ras 1
Colin: My good friend, former soccer teammate, and (now former) running buddy. Sense of humor makes running less painful. Great race-day motivator. Excellent taste in running music.

Gina: Another good friend and occasional running buddy. Sadly, currently living overseas. Infectious laugh and enthusiasm. Also a great motivator.

Elissa: My good friend and former coworker. Made one of the hottest, toughest, most injury-laded races fun just by running it with me. Badass and awesome.

Shauna: A friend of Colin’s and Gina’s who runs marathons. All-round badass. Organizes teams for fun 5Ks. An inspiration.

sham 3

The Shammies: My running club, the Shamrock Running Club. (Related, Steve: fellow Shammie who is full of wisdom and advice.)

Julie: Another former soccer teammate. Runs obstacle course races for charity. Always game for a fun, themed race (and costumes!) as well. Pretty much “awesome” personified.

Simon: My GPS watch, a Garmin Forerunner 15. Full name: Simon Garfunkel. Simon for Simon Says, and to complement Garfunkel (“Gar” from Garmin).


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