HMBTS Training, Week 3


This week included a heat wave and my first bruised toenail of training season – woo hoo! Let’s dive right in:


Rest | 4.5 mile stroller walk

This week was forecast to be in the upper 80s – mid 90s, so when Monday morning was still in the low 70s, I was determined to get out and do something with the Bairn. Last summer we took epic stroller walks to Dunkies and various parks, and this morning we went to Dunkies and then for a stroll around the pond. I was dragging by the end, but it was nice to get out on a gorgeous day, rather than hiding inside with the A/C pumping.

Down the pond


3.5 mile run | 3.5 mile stroller run

I was intimidated by the evening’s scheduled speedwork, and was also looking for something to do with the Bairn before the temps turned scorching. Figuring the Minuteman Bikeway might be shady and cool (and relatively flat!), I loaded the Bairn and the jogging stroller into the car and away we went.

This was my longest stroller run yet (previously was 5k), and dang, it was hard. And a little discouraging. Samantha’s Harvest had me all cocky about my increasing speed, and then here I was, barely able to hit a pace of 12:00/mile on a flat course. I blame the heat (I chose the direction that was way sunnier than I expected) and my wonky leg. But still, miles are miles, I got it done, and it was pretty:

For a post-run cool-down, the Bairn and I went to a new playground nearby that had a splash pad. Man, I wish these things existed when I was a kid!


Cross-training | rest

It was hot, and I was nursing some blisters and a bruised nail from the day before’s stroller run. When I spied the forecast for Thursday, I decided to take an early rest day and embrace some laziness.


Rest | 3.5 mile run

Thursday was the one day that saw some temps in the 70s this week, and serendipitously, I had a schedule change that meant I had the morning free. Rather than have a rest day, I ran giddily out into the relative cool and blazed some new-to-me trails in my neighborhood. It was still humid, so it wasn’t a totally ideal run, but I was happy to be out that day rather than in the stickier Friday temps!


3.5 mile run | PT exercises and stretching

Pretty much same-old same-old compared to weeks 1 and 2 – I added a few seconds to my planks but otherwise kept the same routine.


40 min cross-training| 1 40-second plank

It was hot. Hawt. Hott. Hot as soccer balls. And after the Bairn woke up super grumpy from his nap and remained so for the rest of the evening, I was in no mood to do anything. So I did a single plank and called it a night.

If I really want to stretch, I can claim that lugging a hose around the yard and splashing with the Bairn in his tiny wading pool was cross training…? Not really, but it’s all I got.

We barely fit in there together


5 mile run | rest

Sunday was even hotter than Saturday, and there was no way I was going to run in that mess. Even at 7am it was over 80 with the heat index, and still up there in the evening. I also did NOT feel like running 5 miles on a treadmill in the stuffy gym, even if it would be marginally cooler than outside. Then I saw it was going to be cooler on Monday, so I opted to move my long run to the following morning, and took a grumpy rest day. Not even a plank. Just a case of the grumps.

Onward to next week…