Sting or Bee Stung!

I’m wicked excited to announce that I’ve been accepted to be part of the 2015 Honey Stinger Hive!

7631469844_d438250b21_zI discovered Honey Stinger Energy Chews over the summer, when I started gearing up for long runs in preparation for my half in October. I took them with me on my first 5-mile run and loved the boost they gave me… not to mention how tasty they were! I also brought some along to my first 10K and, like I wrote in my post all about my half marathon fueling plan, they definitely got me through my first attempt at running 13.1 miles in one go.

I have to admit, when I applied for Hive sponsorship a few weeks back, I never expected to be picked. All the athletes pictured on their website look like they’re in the midst of triathlons, or cycling down mountains, whereas I am an anonymous back-of-the-pack runner. But, despite my dodgy-at-times motivation, I swear I am trying to get stronger and faster, and I do love me some sweet Honey Stinger chew goodness. So I’m totally pumped to be part of the 2015 Hive, and I’m looking forward to trying their other products and letting them fuel me toward smashing my goals in the new year!