Tales of Turkey Trots and News Good and Bad

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an excellent weekend, and that those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a happy one!

Now, where to start?

I guess I’ll start with the bad news: I may have reinjured my dodgy metatarsal.

Sigh... (source)

Basically my reaction to this news. (source)

Let’s backtrack real quick to two days before my Treadmill Run of Glee. I was at work, doing normal worky things, when I started feeling ghost pains on the ol’ metatarsal. I knew I was going to try my first run that weekend, so the timing was pretty crappy. It lasted maybe 5 minutes… ever-so-slight twinges that were almost not even noticeable. I tried to stifle a sense of dread and went on with my day.

I carried on with my plans to run because the pain didn’t return after that one instance… I thought hoped it was a fluke. Then I got the same ghost pains on the way home from that run. And then the next morning it hurt to put my sock on. Nooooooooo. 😦

I emailed my ortho and may have threatened to chop off my foot. He chose to ignore that threat and told me “no impact for a week,” and that if it still hurt he’d see me again to check it out. Not a bad diagnosis given the 6-8 weeks I was just off, except…

Thanksgiving was during that one week of no impact activity, and Thanksgiving was the annual Shamrock Turkey Trot! I’d been so excited to run it, and had even had bought a silly turkey hat for the occasion! Plus it was also my birthday, and I really wanted to start the day off with some Shammies fun. Boo.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining, right? I emailed my friend E to see if I could still partake in the (in)famous after-party if I didn’t run, and turns out she got injured too, and was also under doctor’s orders not to run for a while. We made plans to walk the Trot together, and I felt so much happier about it all.

Thanksgiving dawned bright and early (the Shammies meet at 6:30am for this run!) and I was instantly so happy that I dragged myself out of bed so early. I’ve missed these people!! I donned my festive hat:


…layered up in preparation for a chilly walk, and then everyone took off on a 4-mile run:


Running off into the gray morning

E and I were at the back of the pack with N, a fellow injured Shammie, and I started walking only to have E and N start jogging. Wait, whaaa?

Okay, sure, this is fine. It’ll be good to test out my foot to see how it feels. We’ll go slowly and gently into this good morning. No worries. … Yiiiiikes.

We all agreed we’d take it easy, and if anyone started hurting we’d stop and walk the rest of the way. And you know what? My foot didn’t hurt at all! Not during, not after. This injury is a curious one.

All in all we ran 1.68 miles and I managed to run the whole way. I was huffing and puffing and felt so incredibly out of shape, but it felt so good to run, even if it was against my better judgement! With E’s encouragement I even ran all the way up the Hill of Doom, which I’ve never been able to run up without walking before. Boo yeah!

It was pretty awesome running around town in that turkey hat. One lady actually stopped, even though she had a green light, to let E and I cross in front of her, laughing and yelling out her window that she’d never hit a turkey on Thanksgiving. I got lots of waves and felt like a celebrity!

The rest of the club trickled back into the parking lot and our Turkey Day feast began. One guy opened the back of his truck as a table and we tucked in on all the pastries and, um, “special” coffee and other beverages people had brought. I met some new-to-me Shammies, learned that a few share my home city (Woo represent!), and caught up with people I haven’t seen in months. It was fantastic.

I love these people (source)

I love these people (source)

And now I’m in the midst of my no-impact sentence. My foot has felt fine since the day after my treadmill run, so I’m kindling yet another flame of hope that it was nothing and that I’ll be okay to continue running soon.

And the good news (in addition to my naughty Turkey Trot)? I got word that I’ll continue to be an ambassador for both Nuun and Honey Stinger next year! I was so pumped… I love both brands and am so happy to be able to keep representing them in 2016!

Have you ever had an injury that just wouldn’t go away completely? 

How was your Thanksgiving?